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Empowering parents to be the parent they want to be


Breathe NI  is a social enterprise based in Northern Ireland that provides therapeutic coaching services to parents and families. We aim to help any parent or family in need and have a special interest in empowering parents who are being influenced by their pasts to break free and be the parent they want to be.

Breathe NI provides a range of services to support people, the family unit and carers to learn how significant events can adversely affect us, how we can evolve these issues and how we can manage symptoms and behaviour while we find a way forward. 


We also work with related health and community organisations delivering initiatives, workshops and training so both staff and the community become more aware of the impact of trauma influenced parenting on the parent and everyone else in the family unit.  


Breathe Together - one-to-one, family and group therapeutic coaching services.

Breathe Calm - a range of workshops and courses. One-to-one, group and online educational and practical learning services.

Breathe Well - organisation and staff training services on trauma influenced parenting and trauma informed care.

Breathe Back - a small funding opportunity to a child who has recently experienced trauma to access private support while they are on a waiting list for NHS assistance (launching 2021).

Have a look around the site and if you would like to get more information, collaborate with Breathe NI on any programmes or register your interest for any of our initiatives please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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“When you meet someone with a refreshing new voice and angle in an area you have had a lifetime interest in, it's energising. I had the pleasure last week of meeting Glenda Burns founder of Breathe NI working supporting parents who have experienced trauma on how they can post trauma very simply be the parents they want to be. The attention Glenda is bringing to this area is so needed and great to see."

Marie Grattan - Director FutureSpark Coaching, Coach, Speaker & Facilitator

"Absolutely love it, this is an amazing opportunity for hurting individuals to find a non-threatening space to share and learn and grow."

Larenda Forness

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