A Message from Glenda

I’m on a mission, a mission to empower parents and families so they can flourish, so parents can be the parents they want to be.


All parents should be in a position to nurture their children from a healthy place, to break cycles from challenging events and pasts, and parent and how they want to. By doing so, we can be happier healthier people, better parents and help our children to thrive, fulfil their potential and achieve their dreams too 💓.

Breathe NI comes from the heart, and from both lived and professional experience that has propelled me to help others who are being influenced by their pasts, whether you completely realise it is influencing you or not. It could have been a single event, a health crisis, a breakdown of a relationship, a bereavement, a challenging childhood or another challenging period in your life. I'm about helping you evolve so you can move forward and help your family flourish.

After I developed complex-PTSD a number of years ago, I went through a dark deep journey of discovery and healing. Within this, I learnt so much about how our pasts can affect our present and future. 


I realised how significantly life events had been affecting me, and this also touched on my family, and I didn't like it.  I became determined that I needed to break the cycle; my future and my family would not be ruled by my past too.

You see, life's challenges can leave a little mark on our souls and in cells of our body and sometimes they pop up to say hello👋, sometimes at the most inopportune of times, like just after you have children or a few years down the parenting line...

Yet, there is little help out there to help people who want to understand why they are acting as they are, especially at home with their loved ones e.g. irrational, hypervigilant, depressed, anxious, impatient, emotional, highly charged.  Why are their pasts affecting their parenting, why are their kids reminding them of stuff they want to forget, and most importantly of all what can they do about it.

Aghast at this revelation I set about finding out more; why, why not, unbelievable 😤!

Generic parenting classes are not normally the place to talk about such personal, sensitive, and possibly parenting taboo issues (even though there is no such thing as a perfect parent). Counselling, if one pursued that route, don't have the time or resources in a session to help a parent learn how to stop being irrational with a child, or how to stop being so anxious about their child's safety.


So, where do people turn to? 


After researching the area, talking to many others living in similar circumstances, conversing with numerous health professionals, counsellors and related professions, the need, the demand and the solution became clear. I became determined that others would not be left in limbo as I had been, desperate for help, for understanding yet not knowing where to turn to.

And Breathe NI was born…👍🏻

Breathe NI is a social enterprise in Northern Ireland aimed at helping people whose parenting is affected by previous events they have experienced. I don’t need to know any detail about your past, that’s for counselling if you wish to walk that path. I’m more interested in helping you learn how to manage your symptoms, evolve your concerns and empower you to help you and your family thrive.

We are all sent challenges, some more than others, but these all form a part of our life journey, they do not have to spell the end or define us. 

I offer one-to-one parent and family coaching to help you break free and move forward as a family. I also offer group work, trauma-informed training, trauma-informed activity therapy, online services and motivational speaking too.

If you would like to get more information, collaborate with Breathe NI on any programmes or register your interest for any of the above services please do get in touch. What have you got to lose, and look at what you could gain?

Glenda x