Breathe Calm

Workshops and Courses

Breathe Calm Workshops and Courses will help you understand how previous events can affect your parenting. You will also learn how you can manage symptoms, triggers and behaviour within the family unit, plus ways to develop your parenting skills.

A range of workshops and courses are offered, please contact us for further information. Workshops can also be tailored to an organisation's needs.

Parenting with a past - An Introduction.

Half-day Workshop.

Parenting with a past - Skill Building Workshop. One-day Workshop

Breathe Calm - A Way Forward

An 8-week Trauma Influenced Parenting course



Breathe Calm - Parental Anxiety Workshop. One-day Workshop.

Breathe Calm - Parental Impatience and Irritability Workshop. One-day workshop

Remember to also check out our What's On page for information on the latest workshops and courses running.