Breathe Well

Organisation and

Staff Training

Breathe Well is the staff and organisational training arm of the organisation.


We deliver training on trauma influenced parenting and trauma informed care at both an introductory and intermediate level.

This training is extremely beneficial for any organisation or service that works with either children, adults or families as a whole.

When staff are more aware of how trauma can affect a person in the long term and their parenting they will be attuned to look out for relevant indicators, signs and symptoms and be able to respond appropriately. This includes being able to adapt their approach, knowing how to assist the person and/or family, how they can support them and where they can refer people to if additional support is identified.

Training can be tailored to an organisation's specific needs and depending on requirements it is normally delivered in either one half-day or one full-day session.

For further information and to enquire about booking staff training please contact us.