Breathe Together

Family and Group Therapeutic Coaching

When someone in the family unit is struggling with their behaviour because of events they have experienced it can affect everyone in the family, not just them.

The fallout and tensions that may prevail within the house can make for an atmosphere ranging from walking on eggshells to explosive arguments for seemingly minor things.

Events or exhibited behaviour may subsequently be an affect of family events and ripple throughout the household causing resentment and conflicted feelings among all members e.g. divorce.

It is important to understand that when the affected person reaches out for help and receives the support they need that the rest of the family will also need coaching to resolve any underlying or new issues that have risen as a result of everything going on. 

Family members will also need coaching to help them adjust and move forward with their own lives as the affected person moves forward too.

Breathe Together Family Coaching aims to support this process and will coach the family through any issues, how best to evolve them and how to move forward both as individuals and a family group.

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