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What to get your kids for Christmas...


Christmas time is nearly upon us...

Still, in the throes of such a difficult year for us all, many familiar traditions with Christmas will probably not be taken advantage of this year.

But, guess what? We are here, many aren't, so let's appreciate what we can and look at the positives, plus the real meaning of Christmas.

Many parents have been hit hard this year; home-schooling, furlough, redundancy, no work, money worries, relationship stress, family stress... the list is massive.

So, I just wanted to take this opportunity to gently remind you all that Christmas isn't about the number of presents you give your children, it's not about getting yourself into debt to give them what they want, and it shouldn't be about carrying parental guilt if you can't provide for them this year.

The biggest gift you can give your children this year is YOU!

As the days roll by quickly to the 25th please try and remember this. Please also remember that you can't pour from an empty cup so take a little time each day to savour life and that wonderful family of yours.

If you do find yourself overwhelmed, stressed and anxious please reach out to someone. It may just be the stress relief you are in need of x.

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