Coping with life during the lockdown


What are your current parenting struggles during this pandemic?


How are you coping with family life during the lockdown?

It's been 5 1/2 weeks now since I started restricting movement in the outside world. We've settled into our new temporary lifestyle, yet I foresee the parenting challenges will continue on a daily basis.

I've been extremely busy juggling this new routine with working in the background devising and preparing online support services for all families that are feeling the strain with being at home 24/7 with the kids.

I want to help all of you that want to learn how to manage your behaviour, irritability, stress or even anger as we live in this pandemic at home with our children. This pandemic can be traumatic for us as a nation so I am here to help all.

I'm also preparing specialised support services to help frontline healthcare workers who are parents. These initiatives will help equip parents with techniques and skills to practically manage themselves around their children while they process all that they are dealing with.

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