COVID-19 and Parenting while affected by your past



😷 Parental anxiety
😷 Feelings of helplessness
😷 Impatience
😷 Overwhelm
😷 Children in your care full-time
😷 Increased trauma-related symptoms (e.g. anger, withdrawing, dissociation/spacing out, irritability, insomnia, nightmares, fear, panic).

This week has seen unparalleled actions taking place in our society that we haven't seen in our lifetime. I think we all accept that these are very unsettling times across the world.

If you were already aware, or suspected, that your parenting was being negatively affected by your past these additional stresses can magnify your symptoms and unhealthy behaviour around your children.

In an attempt to support you from afar I would be interested to hear what areas you are struggling with now, or what areas you think you may struggle with over the weeks to come.

I plan to provide FREE advice and short videos to help you be the parent you want to be during this uncertain time.


So, please tick any of the topics in the linked anonymous poll below that you would like some help with. If you would prefer to PM me please also feel free to.

We're all in this together.

Keep calm ~ Keep smiling ~ Keep positive ~ Be the parent you want to be.