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Focus on what you can do...


We all get times that life feels so difficult that it can be hard to imagine getting through the day, nevermind finding a light at the end of the tunnel😔.


I've been practising what I preach but yesterday I hit a real low as the stress of being unwell while trying to cope with the kids, home-schooling, establishing a business, studying and looking after two abused horses, all while fighting late-stage Lyme Disease floored me. I took a bit of time out to reflect and while I knew the answer I had to write it down to get it to sink in -




🌸 You are only one person, remember that and honour it. You cannot be superman/woman all of the time! 🌸 Your children are not stupid, be open and honest with them. Teachers are also understanding, they know parents are trying to juggle so much at home so don't try and be a perfectionist.

🌸 Providing your children with a loose routine, stability, love and ways for you all to relieve stress and cabin fever is more important at the moment than getting 100% of school work complete.

🌸 My kids' school has an approach for parents - try and get the basics done (literacy/spellings/numeracy/reading), anything else is a bonus.

🌸 If children are old enough, encourage independent studying and check-in on them regularly instead.

🌸 If you are stuck when your child asks for help (fractions into decimals anyone?!?) reach out. If your class has a WhatsApp group ask for pointers, or message your teacher. Youtube and BBC Bitesize are fabulous resources! Just don't get frustrated, or you'll both end up frustrated and more than likely fallout. Cue a stressed house - not good 🙁.

🌸 Be gentle with yourself and accept that we are in challenging times. We are all doing our best. Take time out when you need it and don't sweat the small stuff.


We all have worries and stresses at the moment.


Love, encouragement, support, food, fun and routine are the best gifts you can give your children and yourself at the moment xo

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