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Four Feet Therapy evolved after I observed the numerous similarities between stressed people and stressed animals. As a therapeutic coach and animal lover, the similarities that our stressed four-legged companions show in comparison to the clients I treat made me realise two things;


🐕🐎 Animals, especially our pets and horses, are very attuned to people in stress or suffering. They can help not only comfort us but assist us in evolving our life challenges and issues.


🐕🐎 Animals too sometimes require a bit of extra help so they can destress and gain relief from their own challenges.


I knew that there was solid evidence about the benefits of animal-assisted therapy so I subsequently trained in both animal and equine assisted therapy and learning, alongside a number of holistic qualifications to help any animal in need and to complement client care.


Four Feet Therapy offers equine assisted therapy and learning, animal assisted therapy, therapeutic coaching, aromatherapy, Reiki, EFT and other holistic type products to help people evolve their challenges and move forward with their lives.


We can also offer animal EFT, animal reiki, animal herbal essences, aromatherapy blends and crystals, a to of which can be availed of from a distance.


Please do get in touch with any queries. Glenda x

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