The Homeschooling Work Juggle Commences


My kids finished school on Wednesday and I must admit, like most parents I've been flipping between panic, calm, worry and joy over the past few days adjusting my thoughts and plans for the next few months.

So, yesterday we chilled...We had a lovely day playing, watching TV, running about the fields in our wellies and planning fun activities for the next few months.

Secretly, I'd hoped the same would happen today, but no, this is what we're currently doing...

🏫 Day 1 of home schooling is on (despite mummy's suggestions to chill until Monday lol!).

🏫 I've never seen my kids so excited to go to 'school'. They were dressed and ready to go before 8.30!!! I insisted on the 9am start, teacher mum needed coffee.

🏫 Don't panic folks, it won't last, they had their first argument by 09.10!!!