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What's Your Biggest Hurdle?


We all have barriers to overcome when we want to do something.


I occasionally receive enquiries from people looking for help but there's typically something stopping them from going forward at that point in time e.g.


✏️ Not enough time

✏️ Not enough money

✏️ Too tired

✏️ There are too many other things to do


So, I want to hear what your biggest hurdle is in going forward with seeking support from anywhere? Is it one of the above?


🍎🍎 What would help you get the help you want? 🍎🍎


🛎️ Would an online workshop or course that you can take in your own time be more suitable? (with direct support available when you need it)

🛎️ Would funded one-to-one coaching support enable you to avail of services?

🛎️ Would you like bitesize solutions that don't take up too much time and thinking? Please let me know!


I have some exciting news in the pipeline and your answers will help shape it all😃👏


Be the parent you want to be xo



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