Intergenerational Trauma - say what?!?


Do you know what intergenerational trauma is? 🤔

Quite simply intergenerational trauma is when the long term impact of trauma is passed on to your children and they carry it, and they pass it on to their children and so on.

🛑 WAIT! Do you realise that also means that YOU may be carrying intergenerational trauma from your parents, grandparents or from even before that?!?

Sometimes, the intergenerational trauma presents itself in how we are taught to act, what family norms we learn growing up, what opinions we have. Sometimes it can present itself by influencing how our neural pathways develop. It can cause autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, personality disorders and PTSD.

✋ WAIT! All is not lost 🤗.

I LOVE this quote. I trust it gives perspective and hope too 👐

With this awareness, we all have the opportunity to break free, develop ourselves and stop passing on negative influences, behaviours and symptoms to our children.

And, if this is a lightbulb moment for you there are many ways to repair areas of your life with your children.

You may want to start exploring what has influenced your parenting style and approach. Perhaps, you are aware but do not know how to change it? Perhaps, you are now curious and would like to explore your parenting too?

Intrigued? Breathe NI can help you on your journey of discovery. I'll be launching a range of online workshops and courses soon, to help you uncover, learn and develop so you can be the parent you want to be 💚.

If you're impatient, like me, please do not hesitate to contact me. I also offer a one-to-one service and one-off sessions for a specific issue, all tailored to your needs.