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Kelly Goes Back to School


So, in our house, the countdown is on⌛.


⌛Seven more sleeps to go and the eldest is back to school.


It's a strange feeling for us as parents, and for the kids too.


For me, it's a mix of relief and worries about the months ahead.


For the kids, it seems to be a mix of excitement, nerves, worry about the virus but most of all dread - dread about schoolwork and homework starting again😂!


Seriously though, my two appear fairly chilled but I can tell their little minds have been thinking about what next week holds. I've explained, shown, listened and supported them but sometimes kids take things in a little better from something external.


I found an e-book online this morning that aims to help children come to terms with the new school routines that are looming. It was from America though so a lot of it wasn't really relevant for us folks here over the pond 😭☹️.


So, by the powers of technology, a laptop and a bit of patience (plus a few coffees!) I adapted it to suit our needs.


Please find below a little gift from me and Breathe NI to read and go over with your children.


Kelly Goes Back to School is a lovely supportive little book that explains to children in simple terms how things are going to be. I hope you find it useful in the final runup to the new routines ahead 🤗.


Calmer children go a long way to helping us parents too 🤗.


Please do feel free to also share it too x