Persistence and Nurturing


Being a parent sometimes means that we feel we are banging our heads off brick walls and nothing is getting through to our children🤷.

We nurture, teach and repeat. Nurture, teach and repeat. We try to be consistent, nurture, teach and repeat...

Sometimes, results are evident quickly 😀.

Other times, it seems that we are getting nowhere and we are left feeling deflated, tired and even anxious about what lies ahead 😟.

For many parents, this can lead to chronic feelings of stress, overwhelm and feeling like a failure.

I really like this quote as it helps to remind us that results can take time⏲️.

Just like it can take time to learn to manage your own stresses and behaviour, it can take children time to learn and adjust theirs too 😉.

If you feel that you would like some hints and tips on how to manage your own parenting stresses or how to refresh some parenting skills there is plenty of help and support out there. Breathe NI can help, or point you in the right direction x