• My Complex Crazy

Madeleine Black - Speaking for those who have not yet found their voice.

Sharing our experiences, how we respond to them, what we learn from them, how we can grow from them and then how we can use them to help others is a wonderful and compassionate thing to do.

I simply love the inspirational Madeleine Black ❤️. Her story encourages me to share mine as well in the hope that it will help others, end stigma and positively influence how, as a society we respond to things we would rather not openly talk about.

If we don't talk about it as a world we will not grow!

Listen to this courageous lady's story below. Share and help speak for others xo

#endthestigma #breakthesilence #metoo #recoveryisourbestrevenge#lovelife #unbroken #writer #speaker #ComplexPTSD #CPTSD #PTSD #survivor

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