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Motivating or Demoralising?

The majority of quotes I read I do find motivating and inspirational but a fortnight ago I was sent a rather perplexing quote to say the least from my daily motivational quote app (in my opinion).

Here's what it said and what I thought about it.

In this day and age should we not be promoting that if you need to talk to somebody about your problems that you talk to somebody?!? ⠀

Yes, we should be mindful of who we talk to but really to say that you can't talk to 100% of people as this quote suggests is not only ludicrous but demoralising!

It plummeted me for a couple of hours as I was already low, until I caught myself on.

How many others have read it and taken its words to heart? Something like this could be a tipping point...⠀ ⠀

I, therefore, came up with the quote below - share with somebody who cares people! ⠀

For the person who did write this; I am sorry that you are feeling this way but please be assured that there is somebody who cares and will listen. Plus the rest are not glad you have problems.⠀ ⠀

For the moderators of the motivational quote app who published this; can you please be more mindful about what you promote in future!

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