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Parenting with PTSD in a pandemic

🐱This is my cat called Ed (yes, after Ed Sheeran 🧡).

🐱 I wish I could be like Ed and have little to worry about in the world 😿. If reincarnation exists I want to come back as a cat!

But, I do. Many of us do.

Parenting with PTSD is tough. People who have been affected chronically by trauma already live in a world of hypervigilance, anxiety, worry, looking out for all danger, constantly being prepared for the worst.

Everyone currently parenting through this pandemic is also finding it challenging; raising our children 24/7 on top of the added stresses and strains the pandemic is bringing is sending peoples' cortisol levels sky-high.

Now put both together - Parenting with PTSD in a pandemic - how are you finding it? Parenting with PTSD during the coronavirus outbreak can retrigger and heighten a plethora of feelings, emotions and thoughts. Symptoms and negative behaviour may escalate and you may begin to feel out of control.

Now more than ever you need to find ways to ground yourself, stay calm and reach out for support where you can (it's amazing how good a phone call to a buddy can make you feel).

Please remember - you can't pour from an empty cup. Your children need you so you need to be responsible by looking after yourself so you are there for them. If you are struggling PLEASE reach out. If you think you have no-one to turn to PM here!!! Be like Ed.

Learn to chill and know that in time this pandemic WILL pass, just like you got through difficult times before 🤗.


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