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We recently watched Rocketman at the cinema and really enjoyed it. I knew only a little of Elton John's life so it was a really interesting flick👌👍.

Elton John may not be my all-time favourite singer but he is a legend of a showman and his story of overcoming adversity is definitely one to watch. It's inspirational and it really shows that you can turn your life around despite hitting rock bottom. Yes, he had support but he had to do it, just like us.

I must admit that I never really listened to his song "I'm Still Standing" too deeply until I watched the film. WOW, what a song and fabulous lyrics. It was his moment proving to the world he is a survivor, he is back and giving two fingers to those who doubted, used or neglected him.

LOVE IT!!!! If you don't know the song, or like me you were too young to hear it the first time around (ahem.....) here ya go.

Enjoy, feel inspired and know that we can all survive and thrive after everything that is thrown at us😘😃💙.

G xoxo

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