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The annual day of reflection for the year gone by

It’s that time of year again where many of us reflect on the highs and lows of the twelve months gone by. Social media becomes flooded with such posts and I did debate about whether I would join in or not🤔.

Then it occurred to me, be proud woman! Be proud of where you are, you may not be where you want to be but you are here, you are alive and many others aren’t😢.

So, with spirit I decided to focus on the positive things that have happened this year. Things that I should remember in my low times to prove that we can all find positives during difficult periods👍.

• Despite living with a serious illness, I am here, I am fighting and I am surviving!

• I am extremely thankful for the wonderful care and support I have received this year from family, friends and the medical profession. You all know who you are😉.

• My health has slowly improved, I’ve a long way to go but I’m determined to be as healthy as I can be and learn how to manage things as best as I can. Life is too short…

• A big step for me this year was starting this blog My Complex Crazy and sharing my story and professional skills to help others in similar situations❤️.

• Since then, I have featured in national articles across the UK for BEAT Eating Disorders UK to help raise awareness of chronic eating disorders in the 40+ age bracket (gulp, yes 40+ lol).

• My story contributed to research for a much-loved national soap story.

• I launched my complement social media.

• I took part in my first live media interview with the fabulous Dr Ruth Millar Anderson.

• I have met and interviewed a range of wonderfully talented people who deliver alternative health treatments for PTSD.

• I have performed a number of group talks using my story to inspire and help others. My confidence and communication skills are slowly returning.

And the biggest highlight this year has to be realising the opportunity to help other trauma affected parents through delivering a range of support services. Late this year I began developing Breathe NI and I’m nervous and excited to start business in 2020!

When I initially thought about the year, I thought that I hadn’t really achieved a lot but when I look at the above and consider that I’m living with a chronic illness I really should accept that things are moving forward, slowly but forward nonetheless!

So, whatever your thoughts are on the year gone by can I urge you to remember your wins, no matter how small and to be proud of where you are. Do not compare yourself to others, your life is yours and yours alone.

For me, I have no choice but to get out of bed every day as I have young children to care for but believe you me there is many a day that I would have loved to just stay in bed and hide away from the world.

If your biggest win this year was getting out of bed, washed or dressed I salute you. It’s all about baby steps and looking after yourself.

Happy New Year to you all, here’s to a year of taking more tentative steps forward towards our dreams, whatever they may be xoxo

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