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The Work-Life-Health Juggle

I've just put a post up on my Breathe NI page about work-life balance and the added stresses on parenting if you've been affected by trauma.

It got me thinking about my own struggles at the moment with trying to find the balance with living/recovering from Complex-PTSD, trying to get back to work and meeting my family needs as well as my own health needs.

And boy, I freely admit it is tough ☹️. Hands up, who finds it tough?

On my better days I manage to get 3-4 hours work done, care for the family plus fit in my health needs. I think I've turned the corner, the mood is good, the energy levels are higher and I'm managing symptoms well. If I get two days in a row I think I've cracked it lol.

Then it hits; the sleep deprivation, the c-PTSD symptoms and, yes I will admit, in hits the inevitable drop in energy and mood, probably from over-exerting myself on the good days before?

I feel that if I rest on good days it is a waste, I'm starting to improve therefore I need to get things done. Yet, something in my mix still isn't right.

So, find the balance I must. During the last week three days of it ended up a washout as I simply couldn't move. I had no energy to think or work, at all. I have an article on sleep hygiene and insomnia that is half done, but I know it will get done eventually. The world won't stop just because it's a tad late being posted on here.

However, bills need paid so yes the pressure rumbles on. I try not to let it get to me. I'm thankful I have a roof over my head and food in my cupboards. I know my situation will be temporary and I will plod on until my health improves, my businesses become established and I can provide for my family as I wish.

So this post is to all of you out there who are doing the juggle and struggling - juggling work, juggling family, juggling health needs and everything else life throws at you. We can do it, but we must look after ourselves in the process and realise that we are only human too xo

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