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Why can't I just get over my trauma?

"I don't let my past get to me, you just need to move on..."

double-edgedWhat a double edged comment I occasionally get. Don't get me wrong, on the whole people who say this are well-meaning and trying to encourage me. I'm happy that they are happy, but these comments also mean that they don't fully understand trauma and how it can affect somebody.

Do you? This short article by the wonderful and open Carolyn Spring beautifully depicts what it's like living with trauma, it was as if I wrote it myself!!!


You think you know trauma, think again...

It's not a choice people, it's your brain and body's response to terrifying and horrific things that can happen in life. Trauma may or may not result in PTSD/Complex-PTSD but when it does believe you me all most people want to do is forget about it...

So next time you feel those well-meaning words slipping from your mouth please remember that we feel bad enough without needing to feel that it's our fault that we can't move on. If only it were that easy!

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