Sometimes the most difficult things and the right thing are the same.


Decisions can be tough, can’t they? I also think they’re even harder to make this past year.

My family recently agreed on a decision on something, something fairly big. While it was mainly my choice it affected the whole family so, to me, it was important that I got my family’s input as well.

We talked, deliberated and debated for a few months with this issue and today that decision became a reality.

It was a difficult decision but one we all agreed was the right one for us all.

Throughout the whole process, it confirmed my thoughts: children are not naive, they pick up on things from a very young age and depending on the situation and topic children can contribute valuably to family decisions.

Give children the space they deserve to air their thoughts, feel respected and loved. You don’t have to agree with them, but it will go a long way to helping you all bond and feel respected.

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