Researching and Writing

Stress Relievers...


One of my hobbies is writing ✍🏻.

As a trauma influenced parent I find it cathartic and therapeutic. I've had pieces published and I'm currently writing a book!

❓ What do you do to help you release your inner thoughts or tension?

I wrote this poem a few years ago after I fell seriously ill with a relapse of complex-PTSD.

It sprung to mind this morning as I thought about somebody I know who is facing their own significant challenges at the moment. I couldn't believe how much the words could also resonate with their situation.

That's the thing you see; we all face unique challenges, some more so than others. Yet, it is the aftermath that can be so similar, so doesn't it make sense that we all support each other?

This is one of my why's, and why I am determined to help as many parents and families as possible.

(and yes the pic is of me! 🙈🙊)


There Once Was a Girl

There once was a girl who was broken
Her soul lost and her heart in pieces
She bravely fought many battles
And survived everyone, time after time, after time.

Again, and again, from one turmoil to another
Battered and bruised, she felt like no other
Then the fight fell weak and the dark consumed her
That beautiful warrior, survivor and strong young mother.

Seeking solace, seeking peace and too exhausted to say no
She took the step she’d always avoided, still fearful to go
But too tired to seek answers, too tired to say no
Just yearning for the overwhelming pain to end,
She prepared to take the hand of darkness and say hello.

Yet, in the magic of this universe light upon her shone
In that darkest, darkest near-final moment in time
This light was her guide, this light was a sign
And it was shouting, oh it was shouting,
It’s not your time to go!

You’ve faced the darkness, now see the light
Look up at those stars,
Put on those gloves and start the fight.
Your soul is worthy, your mind is bright,
You just need some guidance, healing and might.

So, take my hand, let’s take that step
Let’s start to heal your energy, your body and mind
Your soul will shine bright, you have my word.
It won’t be a waltz, but we’re all here for you,
To help you find out, life can be beautiful too.

Glenda Burns