Talking to your children about your health


Talking to your children about why you are behaving how you are can be difficult, emotional and sensitive.


❓ What do I say?
❓ What is age appropriate?
❓ How can I assure them that it is about me and not them?

As we all know children pick up on things very easily, so depending on the age of your child do prepare yourself to say something simple, honest and comforting to them.

Children often blame themselves for their parents being distressed or angry at them so it is important for us to have these difficult conversations. It also teaches your child that they can talk to you about difficult things too.

Something as short as this quote can be enough to let your child know that you are struggling in those moments of parenting erratically and you are getting help to get better.

When I said this to my boy he thought about it for a moment, shrugged, hugged me, quipped ok and skipped off without a care in the world.

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