Trauma in the Classroom


🤔 Would you recognise if your child, or a child you know, was actually acting up as a consequence of horrible things they are experiencing, or have experienced (which is all trauma) and they weren't just that labelled 'disruptive child', 'that really weird quiet child' or that child 'known for always being bad'?

Not everything is as it seems. I do think society is so quick to judge each other but when you can take a step back and look at the bigger picture there are usually reasons behind peoples' behaviour and actions.

Reasons that can be given support, evolved and resolved to help us live to our full potential.

Have a look at this picture. Think back to either your own school times or what you know of your own child's time in the classroom.

Does this make you think again?

Wouldn't it be fab to not only help parents evolve their pasts but to also help our children? Help them not only try and resolve their current problems but learn how they can manage life better so life challenges don't develop into more severe issues such as anxiety, stress, depression and feelings of isolation?

I so wish I had been given such life skills when I was young. The thought of being able to know how to deal better with all those emotions and thoughts I had, situations I faced, the things I experienced and to be able to calm myself, de-stress, think more clearly, know what I could do, would have been gold, just pure gold.

And, today I think our kids, as well as us grown-ups, need these skills more than ever.

 — in Belfast.