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Video games can give teenagers a blast of joy! 


🎮 Video games can give teenagers a blast of joy! 🎮

Well, this is hardly world-stopping news, is it?!? 🤔

However, the Daily Mail also recently reported that despite warnings of associations with depression, less than ten per cent of players said it had a negative effect on their mood, and more than a third said it gave them a boost 👏.

Those who played less than ten hours a week were the happiest, the survey by WePC found.

✔️ Some other good news for parents from the research - An analysis earlier this year of 21,000 young people concluded that playing video games – including shooting ones – did not increase the risk of aggressive behaviour.✔️

I don't know about you, but I have found that in recent times I have let the kids play their video games more so reading this article came as a bit of a relief.

A sign of the times I suppose as we all try to find ways to help our kids. So, read the article folks and release a bit of that parental guilt for letting your kids be stuck to screens more than usual - this is an unusual year after all!

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