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What is trauma?


I've been hibernating from social media lately, have you? 🙍‍♀️

Well, truth be told it's been a combination of hiding and not having the time!

Between my beautiful kids seeming to have this unsaid pact between them to constantly have my attention, to processing and accepting the fact things will be different now for the foreseeable future, to deciding to just go with the flow, it's definitely been an interesting couple of months.

My day; get kids up, feed kids, clean, home school, feed kids, clean, home school, housework, feed family, clean/house stuff, bedtime routines, an hour catching up online, bed, sleep, repeat.

Children squabbling, patience frayed, running out of ideas of things to do, consoling loneliness and my kids' own worries, dispelling boredom, even getting teeth brushed - it's all in the current daily challenge.

And, that's before we even consider ourselves, our partners and the stresses and strains of the impact of this virus.

I admit, I've been feeling a tad overwhelmed here and there. I love spending more time with my kids but the current situation has taken it to the extreme, leaving very little time for me, my partner, work, rest or self-care.


Sound familiar?🤔

If this is you, or somebody you know, it may be time to reach out. Please, please do take advantage of the wide range of support that is currently available.

Just because you can't meet somebody in person, it doesn't mean you can't get help.

While stressful, I have discovered that life today is manageable. Really it is. I've been using all the techniques I coach and it's made so much of a difference compared to how I would have coped (more like not coped) a few years ago.

I am calm and present for my children, responding to their needs and enjoying my time as much as I can with them. I am able to recognise when my patience is fraying and I calm myself down before I take it out in ways I may regret.

I also know when a day here and there is simply too much, accept the emotions flying about the house and call a movie or PJ day to cuddle.

If you would like some advice or pointed in the right direction for specific help, please do not hesitate to get in touch.