Are you a one-in-five?



❓ Are you a 'one in five' person?
🙋 I am...

❓ Do you know anyone who is, or has been, a 'one in five'?
🙋 I do...

❓ Do you know anyone who acted on that 'one in five'?
🙋 I do...😥


We are all affected in some way or other by this emotive, powerful and sensitive topic.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Awareness Day. Yes, we should be talking about it every day but let's join in the spirit of the day and help more people realise how big this issue is, that there is hope and a way out of it.

Imagine trying to also parent if you are in this place. This is one influencing factor that could push a parent either way. The most important aspect is getting the support they need to figure it all out.

So, the next time you see a parent lose it or break down while managing their kids take a second to step back and not judge. Maybe a kind word instead of a harsh stare is all that parent needs to reach out from their despair 🤗.

🤗 The most difficult step can be reaching out, have you been able to?
🤗 Or, are you open, caring and observant enough to spot when someone is in a dark place?
🤗 Are you approachable if someone close to you is struggling and wants to reach out to you?

World Suicide Prevention Day - let's work together to break taboo and help anyone in need.

💛🧡 Are you supportive enough to post these hearts today to show your support? (yellow and orange are the WSPD colours) Or, share your story? 💛🧡

My door is always open, just PM for an ear and support x

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